Thursday, December 19, 2013

Two Months

Dear Koby Bear,

10lbs 13oz 23.5 inches long 16in head
0-3 Month clothes
You wear fluff butt now but your a size 1 in disposables
You smile all the time
Love playing peek-a-boo with big brother.

On Monday you turned 2 months new. I just cant believe...TWO months already?! This month sure had its challenges for Mommy. She went back to work and you got to spend a couple weeks being spoiled by some friends before started daycare. You also got to meet your daddy. He had just come back from Africa. We may not be together but we hope to make things work for you. You also got to celebrate your second holiday; Thanksgiving. We spent that at your Yaya's house. We paid santa a visit this month too. You did so great with him but if your anything like your brother the next 3 years you'll probably scream when you see him...and thats ok...your still getting a picture with him. :-)


I Love you Koby Bear to the moon and Back times a thousand. I absolutly cant wait to see what the month 3 has in store for us.
Love Mommy


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