Friday, February 7, 2014

Another Start...

Boo Boo and Koby Bear,

Its time for a new adventure for us! This one I know is going to be a hard one but we can and will survive it.

Today I worked my last day as a funds clerk in Garrison. Monday morning I report to a new brigade and begin my journey in a FORSCOM unit. A unit that in my nearly 7 years in the Army I have never been to. Theres going to be challenges, long days, nights away from each other and possible deployment creeping up on us this summer. I want both of you to know that no matter how many days I may be away from you that I LOVE you both more than anything in this world. Im doing this all for us.

Our first challange will be in March, in a couple weeks mommy is going to be leaving on a bus for an entire month to do some training. Im dreading it, I dont want to be away from either of you. But I have to do it. You will be in the loving hands of your Yaya and Papa. I truelly cant thank them enough for all they have done for us! We'll take this journey little by little. Right now I dont want to think about anything beyond March. So I wont even blog about it.

Today when I stepped out of my office I took that deep breath, and stepped through to the next chapter of our lives!

I love you boys to infinity and beyond.

<3 Mommy <3