Thursday, December 19, 2013

Placenta Encapsulation and Umbilical Cord Keepsake

As many of you know. I decided to do Placenta encapsulation after Koby was born. Absolute best descion ever! It has definetly helped me fight off the baby blues. I think I did suffer with some deprssion with the news of moving to a new unit and finding out I'll be going to Africa this summer but it could have been so much worse. When I started to feel sad I took one of my pills and within hours was feeling loads better. It also helped me heal so much quicker. I highly suggest it. Sure it sounds gross but it's amazing!

Also when you get the placenta you get the umbilical cord. When my DOULA dehydrated my placenta she also did the umbilical cord and I made this keepsake. I LOVE it. Its hanging up by the stairs in our house. Such a sweet reminder of such a sweet day. I just wish I knew about this when Kason was born.

Two Months

Dear Koby Bear,

10lbs 13oz 23.5 inches long 16in head
0-3 Month clothes
You wear fluff butt now but your a size 1 in disposables
You smile all the time
Love playing peek-a-boo with big brother.

On Monday you turned 2 months new. I just cant believe...TWO months already?! This month sure had its challenges for Mommy. She went back to work and you got to spend a couple weeks being spoiled by some friends before started daycare. You also got to meet your daddy. He had just come back from Africa. We may not be together but we hope to make things work for you. You also got to celebrate your second holiday; Thanksgiving. We spent that at your Yaya's house. We paid santa a visit this month too. You did so great with him but if your anything like your brother the next 3 years you'll probably scream when you see him...and thats ok...your still getting a picture with him. :-)


I Love you Koby Bear to the moon and Back times a thousand. I absolutly cant wait to see what the month 3 has in store for us.
Love Mommy


Boo-Boo is FOUR!!!!

Dear Boo-Boo,

You turned the BIG 4 years old on Thursday November 14th I just cant believe it! It doesnt seem like that long ago that you were born. It's been a wild 4 years and I sometimes cant believe we survived it. Your such an awesome kid...even though right now you are refusing to use the potty and getting on my last neves with it I still love you. Never forget that! This year has been an interesting one for you. I know mommy had spent most of it extra moody and probably took some of that out on you...and I am so sorry for that. I really do need to find another outlet cause sometimes I think you do get the blunt of it. Well heres what the last year has entailed for you.

*You were promoted to BIG BROTHER!
*We had yet another move but into a much bigger house thats 4 homes in 4 years for you.
*Right after your 3rd birthday last year you started pre-school and you LOVE it.
*Your totally know the alphabet can spell your name can count to at least 50 with very little correction for some reason when you forget a number you just repeat the number 15.
*Your speech has gotten so much better! It's still hard to understand you at times but your getting better.
*you LOVE books and you like to help mommy read them to you your favorites are Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? and Panda Bear Panda Bear What Do You See? You often get the 2 of them confused.
*At daycare they sing "Going on a Bear Hunt" and you love to come home and sing it to mommy.
*You think your Batman
Ah kid so so much more has happened tho...I could go on and on and I'll probably add more later.
We had your party on Saturday the 16th and you had such a blast the theme was Monsters University. You had so much fun. It wasnt a huge party but we celebrated with the people who mean the most to us. Your favorite gift came from Yaya and Papa Bruce and Andrew. A Batman costume. You and Papa got in a heated argument if you were really Batman or if you were a Monkey.

In your costume.
Your Very Last Day as a Three year old.
On your birthday we dropped Koby off with Yaya and Papa and we went to IHOP to celebrate. They brought you your own Ice Cream Sunday and you told everyone you were turning 10. We had so much fun on our "date".
You and me on every single one of your birthdays so far.
You changed so much during your 4th year of life...I cant wait to see what Year 5 bring us. I love you to the moon and back my sweet boo boo. 

1 Month

Dear Koby Bear,

This is like a month and a half late. But I'm going to do my absolute best to do this every month. This month we celebrated 4 years of your big brother on your 1 month birthday.

1 month stats
0-3 month clothes
Size 1 diapers
9 pounds
Learned the diffrence between night and day.
Had your first holiday; Halloween!
Ill admit the first month having you home was pretty exhausting. Being a single mom of 2 is not an easy task but you are so so loved Koby bear. You had your first Holiday; Halloween. You were Mike Wazowski and Kason was Sully from Monsters've already watched it a dozen times with big brother.

Your an absolute Joy and blessing sweet boy. I love you oh so much.

-Love Mommy